Financing & Profit Share

Oregon Hemp Farm

Bougainville has entered into a financing and profit-sharing agreement with Worm Castings Farms Inc. (“The Farm”).

The Farm

Hemp Farm


The Farm is the owner of an Oregon State Hemp production and processing license on 10 acres of farmland.

The Farm anticipates building a 5,000 square feet facility with a full spectrum of extraction equipment, for distillate and isolate.

The processing plant is expected to be operational by the fourth quarter of 2019.

The foundation for the drying facility has been built and negotiations have started for a world-class processing facility and state-of-the-art lab to process hemp for surrounding farmers.

The Farm is planting 28,000 plants with a proven top soil mix which increases plant growth by 20% and is pesticide and chemical free.


Production AnD Capacity


Profit Share

10 Acres

5,000 sq ft facility

Full Spectrum



28,000 Plants

CEO Comments

Andy Jagpal

“The objective of this project is to extract CBD oil from Hemp stock by providing the initial capital for the continued development of the 10 acre farmland and is a step in the right direction in diversifying our portfolio of companies in the cannabis infrastructure space.”